Experiences of working for Royal Mail

Below you can listen to ten fascinating stories of members of the Sikh, Hindu and Muslim Associations. They each talk about their experiences and feelings of working for Royal Mail. Find out about the different jobs they do and how things have changed over the years.

Glossary of terms

Book Room = Administration Department

FS = Foreign Section

OPG = Operational Postal Grade (postman)

PHG = Postman Higher Grade

TPO = Traveling Post Office (train carriage for sorting mail on route)

Yorkies = Trolleys for moving mail


"I like to work here..."

"I started as a postman..."

"I'm proud to work for Royal Mail..."

"I knew a couple of people here..."

"There was opportunities..."

"I try to make sure it all goes through..."

"I allocate jobs to people..."

"Outside there were a few £5 notes..."

"I worked on the TPO..."

"I really enjoy my job..."

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