The Post Office in the Community

From its beginnings with the General Post Office and letter receiving houses in 17th century London, to the 21st century, the Post Office has always played an important role in the community.

The need to communicate is central. Not only have post offices always offered ways to do this, they are also often a place to meet people and form a hub of a community. More recently additional services have been offered by the Post Office, and the UK postal industry has undergone many changes.

The need to communicate, however, has not altered and this exhibition will explore the many people, equipment and delivery methods that have been employed to do this.

Image of Post Office counter services

Post Office counter services

Post offices don't just sell stamps, they provide access to a range of services such as licences, financial products, travel services and pensions.

Image of Delivering the Mail

Delivering the Mail

Road, rail and air services are used to move the mail across the country, and locally postal workers use many different delivery methods.

Image of Letter Boxes

Letter Boxes

Today there are over 100,000 letter boxes in use in the UK. They fall into three main types, pillar, wall and lamp boxes.

Image of Changing Times

Changing Times

There have been major changes in the postal industry over the past few decades, including the opening up of the UK postal market.

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